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What Makes the Grade?

Here are a few pertinent facts that you should ALWAYS take into consideration when evaluating the claims of any Deer Antler supplement:

Know what part of the world from where the Deer Antler Velvet originates,
along with the classification of the antler. To clarify, an antler is categorized into three (3) grades… A-Grade, B-Grade, and C-Grade. The A-Grade is THE VERY BEST and is located at the Tip of the antler.

The A-Grade contains the most nutrients and yields the highest efficacy level possible. However, it is very important that the deer antler extract uses a “cold processing” method to harness the high efficacy level.

The location of the B-Grade is the mid-section of the antler, and the C-Grade closest to the base. The B and C grades are the cheapest in terms of price and contain the least amounts of nutrients and IGF-1.

Smart consumers should put their trust in a company that uses only the A-Grade portion of the antler. New Zealand is well known for having the best kept deer in the world along with having the purest and most potent deer antler velvet extracts.

Knowing the amount of IGF-1 that the product contains is a MUST! IGF-1 is, BY FAR, the Main Element in any Deer Antler Supplement! The Higher the IGF-1 content in a Deer Antler product, the better and more prominent results an individual typically experiences.

It is Highly Recommended to AVOID companies that DO NOT reveal how much IGF-1 is in their product. It is Extremely Important to understand that IGF-1 is the “Key Component” within any Deer Antler supplement.

Unscrupulous marketers try to get you to focus on the how many milligrams
(mg) of Deer Antler it contains, rather than the amount of IGF-1 it contains. This is a common ploy for companies that are using B-Grade or C-Grade from the antler.
And worse… companies that have a Deer Antler product with an insignificant amount of IGF-1 in it, will use “filler compounds” (ie; Niacin, Tribulus Terrestris, L-Arginine, etc…) to try and make up for the lack of IGF-1. For instance, Niacin is used to give you a “Rush” type of feeling, often making your face turn ”Flush” to give you the false sense that the product is working. They are just trying to fool you!

Low prices most often mean a low grade product. High Quality (A-Grade) Velvet Antler Extract (with substantial IGF-1 content) costs significantly more to make. Smart Consumers should know that if a Deer Antler Supplement offers a deal that seems “too good to be true”, it will most likely be an ineffective imitation!

Companies that have Legitimate Endorsers, such as Medical Doctors and/or Celebrities, are Most Trustworthy. Doctors WILL NOT risk losing their medical license for the sake of ANY product! Also, celebrities are highly unlikely to put their reputations on the line unless they honestly believe in the product(s) they endorse… Especially when it comes to supplements!

DO NOT TRUST A COMPANY that does not put Faces and/or Names behind it! There is NO legitimate reason for a company to not supply the consumers with names, faces, phone #’s, and/or direct contact information, unless they are trying to hide something.

Another “shady” ploy (unfortunately seen way too often) is when a company immediately asks you to supply them with your name, address, email address, phone #, etc… Some even try to bait you by offering a “free sample” of their product to get you to surrender your credit card number…. Why? So that they can charge you later and hope you don’t’ notice.

The reviews below are based on the two best sources to evaluate Deer Antler Velvet products:

We use the two best sources to evaluate Deer Antler Velvet products:

  1. Expert medical and scientific analysis. Doctors and scientists have based their reviews on the following criteria:
    • Quality of Ingredients
    • Verified Amount of IGF-1 contained in the product/Efficacy Level
    • Safety
    • Effectiveness & Results
    • Bio-availability/Absorption of the product
    • Overall Value
  2. Consumer Results:
    • You, along with other consumers, can personally rate Deer Antler supplements to help visitors make informed decisions.

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